How To Decorate Extendable Dining Tables

How To Decorate Extendable Dining Tables

An extendable dining table might be a little harder to decorate if you regularly use the extendable feature. Below we’ll give you a few tips and tricks to decorate your dining table. Obviously, there are many ways to do this, and the best option will ultimately depend on your personal style and the overall look of your dining room.

Add a tablecloth or runner

Adding a tablecloth or runner is an easy way to add colour and texture to your dining table. It’s best to choose an option you can easily pick up or move to extend your table. A delicate fabric such as linen may not be ideal as it creases very easily. So if you're frequently handling it, chances are you'll also be frequently ironing it! Therefore opt for a thicker, heavier material which will keep it's shape and lay flat and smooth, creating a neater look. Choose a cloth that complements the style of your dining room and make sure it's not too big or too small. Runners look better with an overhang so be sure to get one longer than your table length, you don't want it too short and stopping at the table edge! With regards to colour, an nice idea is to match the colour of your dining chairs. Especially if you have a fair faced wooden, neutral table, adding a runner to match the chairs ties everything together.

Table runner for extendable dining table

Use placemats and napkins

Placemats and napkins are another simple way to further add colour and patterns to your table. Any colour will work as long as it matches the overall look and style of your room.  For example if you have a boho style themed room, rattan, wicker or banana leaf placemats look great and will complement this theme perfectly.  If you're unsure, again, matching your chair colour is a guaranteed way of achieving consistency when styling. 

placemat for extendable dining table

Add a centrepiece

Adding a centrepiece is a great way to draw the eye and make your table look more interesting. Great options are flowers, candles or fruit bowls. However, you aren't limited to these traditional items.  A centrepiece is anything that occupies the middle of your dining table. So if you have a beautiful ornament from a recent trip, with a fascinating story behind it, go ahead and use that as part of the display.  More unique pieces such as these can be great conversation starters with your guests and often much more interesting than a pillar candle! Pro tip: put your centerpiece on a tray, this makes it easier to clear the table when you want to use the extendable feature.

centerpiece for extendable dining tables

Rule of 3

A simple rule in decorating is the rule of 3. Stick to 3 different colours in the overall look and use 3 items with different sizes for a centerpiece.  When styling, odd numbers always look better, so if you have a very large table and want more than 3 items, opt for 5 items rather than 4.  

Centepieces ideas for extendable dining tables

Set the table with dishes and glassware

If you’re looking to finish decorating your dining table, add dishes and glassware that match your decor and suit the occasion. For example, for a formal dinner party you might want to use your finest china and use crystal glassware. 

Glassware for extendable dining table

Make sure to balance the look of your table, you don’t want only one side of the table decorated and the other be bare. Also, don’t go overboard and add as many items as possible, sometimes less is more. Shop our range of beautiful dining tables and find dining chairs to match!

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