Why Do We Love Rattan Furniture So Much?

What is Rattan?

Rattan is a climbing palm native to the tropical jungles of Asia, Africa and Australia.  There are over 600 different species, and it grows faster than traditional wood.  Historically, due to the palms strength and ability to withstand all weathers, it was woven to make baskets and outdoor furniture.  However, more recently rattan furniture has become increasingly popular with interior designers across the globe and has consequently filtered into many UK homes.  The much-loved Bohemian trend is a prime example of bringing the outdoors in and embracing the use of natural materials such as wicker and rattan within our living spaces.     

Styling in the Home

Rattan furniture is often a neutral colour, maintaining it’s original character.  However, it can be stained or given a wash of colour and paired with similar coloured timber to complement the woven components.  

Thanks to its natural appearance, adding just one or two key pieces to a room is simple as the rattan style is so easily integrated with other furniture.  The woven style offers a different texture compared to other furniture, creating more interest and diversity without being overwhelming.  

A subtle way to introduce rattan is the use of storage chests/boxes which are both stylish and practical!  Perfect for storing books, magazines, games, or basically anything you want out of sight – sometimes that ‘miscellaneous junk drawer’ just isn’t big enough, right?!  Or, for extra convenience and especially great for the hallway, storage chests with cushions are ideal.  These are perfect to store shoes with the added bonus of a comfy seat while tying your laces or sliding on those stilettos.  


Wicker is a Box-Ticker!

It isn’t hard to understand why rattan furniture has become so popular, and it’s clear these natural-style trends are here to stay.  With the ability to achieve a rustic cosy living room, or calm, fresh, alfresco dining ambience indoors, rattan furniture can be a beautiful addition to any home.    

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