Why Choose Reclaimed Timber-made Furniture

Why choose reclaimed timber-made furniture

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is timber which has previously been used for a certain purpose and then recycled into a new item or repurposed for a different use.  Such timber can be obtained from many places, such as old buildings being demolished, wooden ships or from industrial buildings/factories. 

Why choose reclaimed wood furniture?

Products made with reclaimed wood are unique and often have character marks which makes your item particularly special and distinctive.  Introducing such pieces is a sure way to add charm and style to an entire room!

Sustainable furniture

Sustainability – ‘avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance’ (Oxford English Dictionary).  The necessity to become more sustainable and reduce our negative impact on the natural environment is growing rapidly.   

Using reclaimed timber decreases demand for new wood, thereby supporting environmentally friendly methods.  This is not only due to the more obvious reason being the reduction of deforestation to obtain the new wood, but also the transportation and processing of the new wood.  Studies show the whole process can take up to 13 times more energy than using reclaimed wood.  Repurposing old timber may also avoid impact on landfill should the old timber otherwise be discarded. 

In summary

If you’re a lover of originality and charm, opting for a reclaimed wood item may be perfect for you.  Owning a beautiful unique piece of furniture while knowing you’re making the more sustainable, environmentally responsible choice is certainly win-win!  

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