Collection: Sustainable-Furniture

Sustainable-Furniture, a family-operated enterprise based in Cornwall, is led by Margaret Larson. Since its establishment in 2007, the brand has been shaped by Larson's extensive background in furniture retail and a profound commitment to sustainability. Larson embarked on this venture with a clear mission: to offer a product line that is both ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable, ensuring that every step of the supply chain, from timber sourcing to UK delivery, adheres to the highest ethical standards. Their reclaimed dining table sets are our favourite!


The brand is deeply concerned about the environmental impact of retail consumption and strives to mitigate this wherever possible. Recognizing furniture as a daily necessity that significantly influences our living spaces, Sustainable Furniture aims to counteract the trend towards disposable, flat-packed furniture, which typically does not support environmental sustainability. Such products are often made from un-replenished timber and assembled with harmful chemical glues, reflecting a broader move towards cheaper, less durable goods.

In response to these industry shortcomings, Larson leveraged her vast industry knowledge to source products from forests managed under strict protection schemes. These schemes not only combat illegal logging but also ensure reforestation and employ eco-friendly logging practices, such as selective thinning to encourage surrounding tree growth. Additionally, the company champions the clearing of roots from areas affected by illegal logging, facilitating reforestation and the transformation of these areas into productive, reusable land—practices that have inspired their unique teak root tables.

Beyond timber sourcing, Sustainable Furniture is committed to supporting the local communities that depend on this trade for their livelihoods. The company guarantees fair wages and equitable working conditions, fostering prosperity within these communities.

In the UK, the commitment to sustainability extends to supporting local Cornish manufacturing, with timber sourced from certified woodlands in Devon and Cornwall.

Sustainable Furniture's ethos of durability ensures that their indoor and outdoor products are designed to last, embodying a long-term investment in sustainable materials. This commitment to quality, achieved through traditional manufacturing techniques, underscores the brand's dedication to reducing the need for frequent replacements and, consequently, the demand for timber.

The brand operates with a keen focus on eco-friendly practices, aligning with the growing governmental and consumer demand for sustainably sourced furniture. Sustainable Furniture stands as a testament to the possibility of harmonizing industry practices with environmental stewardship, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the furniture retail sector.