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Jaquar Steam Generator 4kW or 6kW

Jaquar Steam Generator 4kW or 6kW

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Power Consumption

Discover the Jaquar Steam Generator, offered in 4kW or 6kW - your perfect solution for ultimate relaxation and revitalization. Easily transform your shower or small area into a luxurious steam room, elevating your wellness regimen from the comfort of your own home. Embrace the effortless combination of style and practicality, providing both warmth and a complete steam bath experience.


Features and Specifications

Touch Button Display (Sold Separately)

Ease of Use at Your Fingertips 

The easy-to-navigate touch button display provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly control your steam room experience. With a simple touch, you can adjust settings and customize your steam session to your liking.

IP67 Rating for Display

Robust and Water-Resistant 

Designed with an IP67 rating, this display is built to endure the demands of a steamy environment, ensuring long-lasting durability. Combining reliability and sophistication, this display is ready to excel in high-moisture conditions.

Temperature Setting

Customised Comfort 

Discover your perfect steam bath experience with the Jaquar Steam Generator 4kW, offering precise temperature controls for a tailored level of heat that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Auto Water Inlet

Effortless Operation 

The steam generator's automatic water inlet feature ensures that it is always ready for use. This eliminates the need for manual filling and provides a seamless and consistent steam output, taking convenience to the next level.

Auto Drain

Maintenance Made Simple 

Keep your system clean and extend its lifespan with automatic post-use draining. This simple operation frees up your time for ultimate relaxation.

Auto Power Off

Safety and Energy Efficiency 

The auto shutdown feature guarantees that the steam generator operates only when necessary, promoting safety and saving energy. Rest assured knowing that your device is crafted with your safety in mind.

Stainless Steel Body

Elegant and Durable Design 

Made with a sturdy stainless steel body, this steam generator has a stylish and contemporary look that enhances any home spa setting without compromising on strength.

Newly Designed Steam Nozzle

Optimal Steam Dispersal 

Achieve a consistent steam distribution with the newly engineered steam nozzle, providing an evenly dispersed combination of heat and moisture in your steam room.

Over Heat Protection

Reliable and Safe 

This steam generator is designed with built-in overheat protection to guarantee safe operation for you and your equipment, ensuring that temperatures stay within a safe range.

Heating Element

Get ready for a quick and reliable steam experience with the high-quality heating element of Jaquar's Steam Generator 4kW or 6kW. It heats up rapidly, ensuring your steam room is always ready for you.

Pressure Safety Valve

Engineered for Your Protection 

The pressure safety valve is a vital component that keeps the system's pressure at safe levels, providing a worry-free steam experience.

Delivery and Delivery Costs

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